Affiliated Computer Services 18277 SW Boones Ferry Rd tualatin , Oregon 97224 (503) 684-282618277 SW Boones Ferry Rd tualatin , Oregon 97224 (503) 684-2826
00:00 Get coffee then walk to NW Thurman & 26th (Stop ID 5832)
00:08 Board 15 NW 23rd Avenue to Portland
00:19 Get off at SW 18th & Morrison Go to PGE Park MAX Station (Stop ID 9757)
00:24 Board MAX Red Line to City Center & Beaverton TC
00:41 Get off at Beaverton TC MAX Station Go to Beaverton Transit Center (Stop ID 9981)
00:48 Board 76 Tualatin to Meridian Hospital
01:33 Get off at 18420 SW Boones Ferry Road (Stop ID 495)
   85 minutes travel time
From 2007/04/24 till 2007/03/30 I was working at A.C.S in the ; Lost & Stolen, Pin, Supervisor, and General care departments
On Friday Mar 30 2007, at 4:30 pm
I ended my employment at A.C.S due to stress caused by policy conflicting with productivity

On that morning i called in late crying for fear of losing my job,
I was told to see someone in HR about solving my problems by;
_(a)changing shift start by 15 minutes
_(b)getting occourances removed
_(b)making up comming in late by working late

ALL things i was told (the day before) that acs was never going to do?. In the end i got on the phones 5 minutes late.

After 2 hours of work i got called over by my supervisor who blamed a week of long calls on me not trying hard enough
He then decided i would be forced out of after call wrapup at 30 sec even if the caller had hung up and i was not finished
This made it harder to comply with documentation policy ,,he called it "His way"

A stressfull morning and then he basicly told me to act like a newbe ,so i said "i dont work here anymore,goodbye" and left.

I was crying so i did not want to see anyone, but I did say goodbye to the man that interviewed and hired me before i left
His office is sort of a gateway to me so i exited through him out of respect and to have some closure
503-907-1501 extension 3084