Because i know absolutely NOTHING about how to start a biz you could
(A) use these links to help you start a business

google1, google2, Online Employer ID Number Application (EIN):, isquare, poplarware, bizadvisor, womeninconsulting,


(B) Get a lawyer and accountant to set it up for you

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To keep on top of finances it is important to have a simple, easy-to-use, uncluttered filing system.
Here are some of the important documents worth filing and how long to keep them.
Unless you deduct home business expenses, throw out old phone bills, old utility bills and supermarket receipts.
Save store receipts, credit card statements and canceled checks for at least one year.
Digitize all of this every 6 months and INCRIMENTALY save it , compressed and encripted, in a web mail account

Save credit card agreements, loan agreements, warranties and home-improvement receipts for at least three years.
In a fire safety box store birth certificates, death certificates, marriage license, immunization records, passports,
divorce decrees and settlement agreements, wills, life-insurance policies and copies of your bank account numbers.

EVERY FILED ITEM SHOULD BE DATED, ideally with a "DISPOSE ON:" label, so that cleaning out old junk is easy and quick.