(RE)Brand Your System Manually

Start menu - Settings - Control Panel - System  or Right click My Computer - Properties Start menu - Settings - Control Panel - System  or Right click My Computer - Properties get better pics here

(1). Oeminfo.ini

Open notepad and type the following example of the Oeminfo.ini file:
Manufacturer = "WAP Tek"
Model = "2007/01/01 12:00pm"
SupportURL = ""
LocalFile = "C:\oeminfo.txt"

Product=Tell us, please! 


[Support Information]
Line1= "For Technical Support:"
Line2= "to obtain updated drivers or"
Line3= "frequently asked questions, "
Line4= "visit the WAP Tek support site at:"
Line5= "waptek.tk
Line6= ""
Replace the manufacturer, model, support URL, and local file information with your information.
Be careful not to leave any trailing spaces after your "company name".

place Oeminfo.ini in C:\windows\system\ for Windows 95, 98, & 9X
place Oeminfo.ini in C:\windows\system32\ or C:\Winnt\System32 for Windows NT, 2K, XP, vista, WIN7, & WIN8

When you use an Oeminfo.ini,
the values in the [General] section and a Support Information button are displayed on
the System Properties dialog box along with an optional logo.

The Manufacturer, [General] and [Support Information] sections of the Oeminfo.ini file are required
you can leave the other fields blank.


for newer systems the information above is loaded as an Oeminfo.REG instead
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Model"="2013/01/01 12:00pm"
"SupportHours"="24 hours a day, 7 days a week"
"Manufacturer"="WAP Tek"

(2). oemlogo.bmp

To add your optional logo to the System Properties window,
replace the sample Oemlogo.bmp file on this page with your company logo
Windows NT, 2K, & XP Windows 95, 98, 9X, Vista, 7, & 8

NOTE: Your Oemlogo.bmp logo must be square, 256 colors maximum, & must measure;
120 by 120 pixels for Windows 95, 98, 9X, Vista, 7, & 8 and be placed in C:\windows\system\
172 by 172 pixels for Windows NT, 2K, & XP and be placed in C:\windows\system32\ or C:\Winnt\System32

If your bitmap image is smaller than this specification, it appears centered in the rectangle.
If it is larger than this specification, part of it might appear to be cropped , or it might not appear at all.

more info @ ; AXCEL216@mdgx.com, OEM Logo Stamper,

How to change the boot logo for windows

XP (2K NT?)7

Using an undocumented switch in Microsoft Windows XPís operating system settings file boot.ini you can add a custom boot logo,
but you get no progress bar & If it goes wrong you will need an original Windows XP CD to put it right.

(0) backup the c:\boot.ini file as boot.old
(1) Make a 16-color 640 x 480 pixel BMP file and name it "c:\windows\boot.bmp" or "c:\winnt\boot.bmp"

(2) Right click My Computer >Properties >Advanced >Startup and Recovery >Settings & Select "Edit startup options file". your default operating system line is
" multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS ="Microsoft Windows XP " " Add " /bootlogo /noguiboot" to the end
(there must be a space between each switch) this asks the operating system to use a custom boot screen.

After performing the change, go back to My Computer >Properties >Advanced >Startup and Recovery >Settings.
make sure you still have "Microsoft Windows XP" in the combo box at the top,

Windows 95, 98, 9X,

the boot wait & shutdown logos are 320 x 400 256 color .BMP files renamed .SYS
so start out with a 320 x 200 pic and "stretch and skew" it %200 taller
and save it as c:\logo.sys c:\windows\logos.sys or c:\windows\logow.sys

double my height to make a scary start screen or you can

C:\>md c:\windows\logo (a backup directory)
C:\>attrib -r -a -s -h c:\logo.sys
C:\>attrib -r -a -s -h c:\windows\logos.sys
C:\>attrib -r -a -s -h c:\windows\logow.sys

C:\>copy c:\logo.sys c:\windows\logo
C:\>copy c:\windows\logos.sys c:\windows\logo
C:\>copy c:\windows\logow.sys c:\windows\logo

now open paint and modify c:\logo.sys c:\windows\logos.sys & c:\windows\logow.sys
with a backup made

Windows 3.XX

WIN.COM is actually a combination of 3 files, WIN.CNF, LOGO.LGO, & LOGO.RLE (a mspaint compatable file)
If you want to change the boot logo then you need to edit or create a VGALOGO.RLE smaller than 50k @ 16-color
Then from a DOS prompt type
copy ..\win.com win311.com (a backup & so you can type win311 to start it like normal)

If you hate the boot logo make it a 1 by 1 pixel rle or just put "win :" in autoexec.bat to load Windows without logo

small throbber big throbber big static pic small static pic

background  bitmap to be displayed behind your toolbar The Internet Explorer Throbber

First you make static pics 38x38 c:\big.bmp 26x26 c:\small.bmp and now for the throbbers 38x456 c:\throbber.bmp 26x312 c:\throber.bmp and the background bitmap to be displayed behind your toolbars c:\back.bmp Right click and save the following as throbber.reg then double click it REGEDIT4 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar] "SmallBitmap"="c:\\small.bmp" "BigBitmap"="c:\\big.bmp" "BrandBitmap"="c:\\throbber.bmp" "SmBrandBitmap"="c:\\throber.bmp" "BackBitmapShell"="c:\\back.bmp" "BackBitmap"="c:\\back.bmp" [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main] "SmallBitmap"="c:\\small.bmp" "BigBitmap"="c:\\big.bmp" "BrandBitmap"="c:\\throbber.bmp" "SmBrandBitmap"="c:\\throber.bmp" "BackBitmapShell"="c:\\back.bmp" "BackBitmap"="c:\\back.bmp"


"The computer got very poorly and decided to end it's own suffering." Windows XP SP2 msgina.dll error message