homeless page

basics = 
warmth = ANY sleeping bag ANY shape,
comfort = ground pad, yoga mat , thermarest, or closed cell foam,
rain proofing = tiny cheep tent and / or a tarp 
REQUIRED!  = comfortable socks (cheep dress socks) + WARM WOOL socks,

1 each  
fork, knife, spoon, nonstick aluminum 3/4 cup (or bigger) pot with lid 
,, you will toss out whatever you do not need (i am a fork guy)

stove = 
karosean mini stove = if you can get one cheap
alchohol stove = for in city simple fire source , and you make it
mini wood burner = acts as wind screen and pot stand and you make it

google key words = 
"coffeestove" "tealight stove" 


the biggies
mini bull design (warning nutbar), Rei Recreational Portland, OR
us outdoor store Portland, OR
Andy & Bax
Next Adventure
bed bath and beyond?

what i have
home made backpack, Cat'sMeowBag, ThermarestMatress,& Peak1StainlessSteelSolo [partial](GiftsFromAFriend), prospector 7X6 ,3 "person" dome tent,
Feather Weight Mirror, Magnesium Fire Starter, Aluminum Pot Holder, Omniseal Wallet, Gutter Nails, Emergency Blanket,
Button Compass (not the one i wanted), modified lighter flint/striker, Stow Away Pot, Swiss Gold Filter, 16 oz ziploc bowl,
folding spatula, wallet fresnel lense, trangia burner, Straw Filter, Mead 45534, tooth paste/brush/floss, lexan SpoonForkKnife
silicon spatula, Safe Cut Can Opener, folding bottle opener, bent handle measuring cup, dinemoore,
, ,

my mods
1 quart nonstick pot , and the mod
coghlans chow kit , and the mod
Non-Stick Sauce Pot with Basting Brush, and the mod
Lighting : joule theif, red and white led bike light, 9 volt red and 2 X white led bike light,

USAAF Survival Manual
w, & w2,
cat tarp
new dawn engeneering
the walmart grease pot for cheap yahoo's
bikerdave tent comparison
lazily, cheap verber homemaker
press-bot (click the how it works/faq)
tin can tech
a hobos guide 2 homelessness all in 1bag
packafeather stove,
stove from single can
jasonklass diy brasslite, sink, Platypus,
Jim Wood's Base Camp,

Cheetos: The ubiquitous solid fuel tablet Sold as Cheetos Puffs or a thousand other off-brands, the unique chemical makeup of preservatives, oil and chemical cheese powder make cheese puff snacks an excellent improvised fuel source, producing a bright, long lasting flame and ten poofs can boil a beer can full of water. They can be burned in any empty can or a small wood stove and reduce to dust and a suspicious looking residue on the bottom of your pan. Probably carcinogenic, I would suspect Cheetos to be the most poisonous of camp fuels. If you should accidentally ingest one, contact a ranger station immediately. Iím not joking, try burning cheesy poofs. It has to be the poofy kind, the mini cheese walking sticks wonít cut it. @5500 BTU/Lb

see also couch surfing, or urban camping, or un rough it ,, fly clear, & bypass T.S.A, boarding pass, documentation,

last updated 11:04 PM 4/4/08

Kerosene from petroleum was a good fuel when it arrived in the 1860s: it was usually not too volatile, it burned brightly and it was fairly cheap. A gradual shift from camphene to kerosene might have occurred, but instead, a $2.08 per gallon tax on alcohol was imposed in stages between 1862 and 1864 as part of the Internal Revenue Act to pay for the Civil War. The tax was meant to apply to beverage alcohol, but without any specific exemption, it was also applied to fuel and industrial uses for alcohol. "The imposition of the internal-revenue tax on distilled spirits ... increased the cost of this 'burning fluid' beyond the possibility of using it in competition with kerosene..," said Rufus F. Herrick, an engineer with the Edison Electric Testing Laboratory who wrote one of the first books on the use of alcohol fuel