"cramming" and slamming

dont get angry with the tech support people
to solve this ask your cell fone carrier to tell you the name of the company that is taking your minutes/money and
considder eather changing the number for the fone


rant mode on

grumbletext the bad guy's ? @
blinko jamster m-blox m-qube rip off? the standard jamster scam petition
cell phones have the ability to use fee based services, this is usualy done by going to a web site and signing up for it
what if a company decided to just sign you up without you knowing it or believing you were buying a single ring tone, they were actually subscribing you to a service that cost you money each time you were sent a new tune. And
since many of the services offered appeal to young people, it is parents who have to pick up the bill.
A little fine print,: anyone can sign you up and mess you up on this, it just goes to your phone without confirmation.
Call your carriers Tech Support department and tell them you are going to be part of a Class Action Law Suit against the scammer and your carrier for fraud if they don't block your cell from the unconsented fees. They will block the premium text messaging and charges and send an e-mail to these scaming companies on your behalf. Once tech support has blocked these charges, your carrier will issue credit for the unsolicitated charges
always read the fine print and have NEVER subscribed to any tv add. 3rd party companies are based on subscription, when their systems automatically send out the ring tone, graphic or joke, That company has no way of knowing if it was ever received, therefore it would show up on the billing statement.
you send a sms on your friends phone and sign them up for their services without their knowledge
it seems that just by reading the text message from whomever, you get billed
Verizon Wireless 
Attn: Executive Relations 
777 Big Timber Road 
Elgin IL 60123

311 Arsenal Street 
Watertown, MA 02472
Attn: Molly Man (or her replacement) 
(617) 673-2400
(703) 234-4200


How can you regain some privacy?

Try not to use wireless phones for confidential calls.
But, if you must...

• Trade in your old analog cell phone for a digital one.
• Use a 2.4 or 5.8 GHz, spread spectrum cordless phone instead of an 
analog model.
• Consider using a pre-paid cell phone - paid for with cash.
• Consider adding speech encryption.
• Use text messaging.
• If your discussion is super-secret  speak in-person.
• Don’t attract attention. Be vague and uninteresting.
• Remind the other person that you are using a wireless phone so they 
  will be discreet as well.
• Always assume someone is listening. Speak accordingly.
• Be aware of your surroundings when you call; an eavesdropper may 
  be standing nearby.
• Make sure the person you are calling is secure at their end of the call.
• Do not use company names or other identifiers. 
  only first names. Invent codewords for sensitive topics.  Be as vague as possible.
• Set up a call-in number to be answered with a simple hello.
• Don't put all the sensitive information into one call. 
  Break it up between several calls.
• Test for leaks. Drop false bits of information into the conversation. 
  See if they resurface.
• Educate others about wireless phone eavesdropping.
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