RE: how to break the chain ; response to chain letters from you
FROM: "kith",


please read &

I find it ironic that most security warning emails arrive in my inbox, carying a infectable file
an MS-office file requires a viewer, that can run bots,trojens,viruses,etc ,web pages only require a web browser
You can google a subject and send a link instead

Use Bcc: instead
Using the CC: field to sent messages to more than 1 person violates all recipiants privacy since they get all the addresses as well

Also if my machine is infected with bots,trojens,viruses,etc , my computer can spam them with bots,trojens,viruses,etc ,
So please strip all non relivent addresses from emails so i CANNOT get someone elses email address

Chain e-mail is defined as any message sent to one or more people that asks the recipient to forward it to multiple addresses and
contains some promise of reward for forwarding it or threat of punishment for not doing so.

Although chain letters seem innocent and fun, Chain e-mail messages can have technological, social, and legal ramifications.
Chain letters tie up valuable network resources, they can jam mail systems and cause long delays in getting proper email through to recipients,
and in many cases are illegal, contain virus/trojen payloads or links/hotlinked image data that may be insecure.
some web hosts/isp's discourage/forbid electronic chain letters and users may be penalized due to allowing this activity,
Some items are copyrighted, and therefore illegal to forward and,, forwarding chain letters makes enemies ,, ask google