ICU! now i am tracked by paywave user-programmable 64-bit unique identifier code yielding about 18 thousand trillion possible values- burglars could canvass alleys with RFID detectors- tags remain active once you leave- disabled at cash register if consumer opt's out tags turned off- a range of 3 to 5 meters- 550 microns a side & antenna between half an inch long to four by four inches- consumers notified?- If you are reading this ....are you paranoid? ok here is a pleasant scenario you buy a coat and its trackable some way you wear it to a ferenhite 911 type of movie & some one fotogrphs you and starts stalking you and then hurts you because they are nuts,..this tech makes that easyer and does what for the good of us americans. .russia? If this all seems alarmist then ignore it but
why would you ever permit your self to be tracked or monitored :and if you do,
..why is it wrong for me to object to it being done to me

imagine a future where "getting chipped" starts as a way to speed your way through lines at ATMs and airports--and ends up being mandatory .
Poindexterization . rfid Zapper, wikipedia,

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In war, then, let your great object be victory, not lengthy campaigns. " - Art of War, Sun-Tzu, Chapter 2, Paragraphs 6 & 19.