The cue cat is a digital convergence product that has a history you wouldnt believe,,and a lesson for so many corporations,,
but any way.......this is is a short page on how to.. Modify your cue cat scanner by jumpering the board or lifting "floating" a pin
1965-A Model
connect +5V to R29

1965 Model
lift pin 10 on the onboard 44 pin Hyundai SMD.

1965 USB Models
lift pin 5 on the onboard 16 pin SMD component (number K130A033, or HMS91C7316 etc)

Model K023A016 Rev.C good for code 128
lift pin 16 on SyncMos SM2958 & remove the 93C46 EEprom, & ,
,just visit libero, its involved damn it

now the cuecat should function as a commercial barcode scanner with a
disabled onboard serial ( tracking )number, and decrypted output.
google it

the Q
lp usb? declawed ebay? free
make your own barcode,