Portable browser,= A web browser that will not assume that you want to be its slave

First you will need a zip replacement to unpack a Portable browser @
get the new portable opera, OB1, USB mozilla, ghostzilla?,
on mozilla you can hack it to bits to look like internet explorer

what is a "portable app?" LEARN MORE! @
wiki, johnhaller safway, portablefreeware, tinyapps
how about a replacement for;
media player : guliverkli media player clasic(more), VLC,
notepad : metapad
, win32pad, bdv, editpad, Programmerís Notepad, ,
winzip : ,
get more freeware at:

free & Web-based office apps
PDF, PostScript and Word Online viewer, writely, fckeditor, goffice, S5 , thinkfree, zimbra, meebo, gliffy, atlantis word processor, BYE DESIGN Spreadsheet, 1by1 mp3, wiki List of portable software, portable freeware, xtort, , , , Enhance the performance of Windows XP /2000/ 2003, VLC, free openoffice, & the open cd, openomy file storage

please ignore the "advice" i have here on opera and just get the new opera portable here and here

----------------------begin "advice"--------------------------------------------
download USB or operaportable & its optional NSIS.nsi,,Q&A?
""" From the site
"First download & install Opera to a new directory. Don't select individual profile for each user. Run the newly installed Opera twice, because on the second run Opera will ask you if you want to make it default browser. Answer no. Then turn off Wand, turn on mouse gestures, disable proxy if it enabled by default, set the start page, and close it again. Open operadef.ini and opera6.ini, if there is any references to directory other than installation directory, delete it. Run Opera once more, if it runs well, close it, delete files in directories under profile, and also delete the files in mail directory. Pack with NSIS, finished! The NSIS script is here.
If you have improvements please tell me and I will try to use it.

OK! i will,

!!!!!!!!!!!!! try this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
download and run his default setup for opera portable
set the settings like you want them
download  NSIS and the script he made 
delete all private data & minimize it
goto the temp folder and copy the hebat851 folder to root of drive = c:\hebat851
change all references in the c:\hebat851\opera ".ini" files from any directory to the %TEMP%
then delete all ".old" files
Disable check for new version of Opera?
open opera6.ini under [User Prefs]change value of "Check For New Opera=1" to 0 

re do the NSIS script for your setup & modify it to delete the temp folder it made
like this...

  ExecWait '"$INSTDIR\opera.exe"'
  ExecWait '"$INSTDIR\tumpuksemuafile.exe" "$INSTDIR"'
  SetOutPath $TEMP
  RmDir /r "$INSTDIR"
now its a temp folder only install
run NSIS on c:\hebat851 using your nis file
email it to your self
exit opera 

sorry but,, your nsi would not work to my liking so i made this one
OH! you may need this opera.ico dumped into the hebat851

end "advice"

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