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          Computer Components in order of necesity:

(0) the disk(s)
boot disk(s) made by a geek on a clean computer. or windows on a cd?
NO!.. not that one!.. a REAL friggin bootdisk!
(1) the BOX
the "case"        : Power supply and Case (Case optional for "geeks" :-)
the brains        : Motherboard, Memory, and CPU with CPU Cooling fan
see  it work      : Video Card and Monitor/screen
tell it work      : keyboard and mouse
test,force it     : floppie drive and reset button (trust me on this)
hear it complain  : "PC Speaker (manditory) Sound card optional
still used        : SCSI Card (only if an other part requires it)
basic software    : operating system...

(2) drives
store your stuff  : Hard Drive inside the box
run/make dvd/cd's : CD-ROM/cd-rw DVD-ROM/dv-drw
big fast floppie  : zip or LS-120 drive

(3) extras
WIMP/GUI          : Windows Icons Mouse Pointer , Graphical User Interface
                    Or use "Windows without the GUI" @

email, web, spam  : Modem,  Network card, wifi, bluetooth
paper wont virus  : Printer
make it virusable : scanner
family fotoz      : Digital Cameras
make home movies  : Digital Camcorders
steal movies      : Video capture cards etc

A list of "how to build a computer" tutorials @;
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how stuff works,

networking @;
comp tech doc, home net help, Linux Networking Tutorial,
how stuff works home-network, wireless-network, bytes, phone-network, firewall,
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drivers @;
drivershq, driverguide,(L:drivers P:all), mrdriver, driverforum, windrivers, driverzone,

troubleshooting guides @;, ehow, Colusa County Office of Education, daileyint, fonerbooks, berkeley, , ,

setup and troubleshooter software @;
bootdisks, bartpe, Live_CDs

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