|                     Press [Delete] for BIOS setup                      |
Error loading C:\l33t.sys
C:\l33t.sys not loaded , cannot enter leet/google terminal mode
Starting LooseDOS (R) 6.22,31,95,98,CE,ME,NT,XP,2K
   (C)Copyright MegaHard Corp 1980-2005

C:\>cd c:\dos

Starting MHDOS(R) 2000
   (C)Copyright MegaHard Core 2000-2005

C:\DOS>bootdisk.com a:
C:\DOS>download dos
C:\DOS>mac command line keys

C:\DOS>type memorial.txt
When we are in trouble and need an easy to use OS to bail us out we will look for our DOS disks. DOS will be the 'ghost' in our machines. MSDOS, PCDOS, DrDOS, OpenDOS, FreeDOS and now PTSDOS have been and continue to be the work horse that maintain our machines, performs our routine tasks, and powers many 'rescue boot disks' that save our bacon. The legacy of DOS is speed and access to our hardware anytime we need that access.
Charles Angelich 2001-09-25 through 2006-11-13

C:\DOS>cd .._

Our DOS, who art a disk operating system, hallowed be thy name,
Thy output come, thy input done, on disk as it is in memory.
Give us this day our 640K, and forgive us our syntax errors,
As we forgive the lost clusters, chains, and disk fragmentation.
Lead us not into corrupt file allocation tables,
But deliver us from Windows,
For thine is the COM and the EXE and the batch file,
Forever and ever.