Learn more @ http://echo-oregon.com/ & wiki named after Echo Koontz
echo oregon in Umatilla County ,Elevation 635', Incorporated 1904 Latitude 45.74 N, Longitude 119.19 W

view pics's of :
south/west view of the school i went to, the hills behind it seemed like mountains
Echo City Hall, library & community center, Koontz Grave, Cunha Farm west of the umitilla bridge,

view the little park i mowed (badley) my last summer in town north/east & west,

views from the Cemetery: south/west & north/west ( can you see the top of the "old woman" silo in the middle?)

views from main street looking : south, east, north (further down the road), & west,
views across the umatilla river: south west & north/east (of Fort Henrietta), & WAY south of town,

Dr pierces barn ads 1, 2, 3, 4,

, buy a house in echo? no, too many nudists.