favicon.ico test using favorite icons 1 f1 and 2 f2 Based on the Finks Luggage Logo
A favorite's icon is a 16X16 or 32X32 pixel image usualy named favicon.ico
it is used to "brand" your web site in favorites and next to the web address

You can also add a "tag" to your web page to tell computers which .ico file to use
just type it into your web site's html files up near the top within "head" section after the "title" section

< HTML > = the start of the html code for the page
< HEAD > = the begining of the web page header section
< TITLE > Your Web Sites Title < /TITLE >
< link rel ="shortcut icon" href ="favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" / > = this tells the web browser to use the .ico
< /HEAD > =the end of the web page header section

also see
http://www.pixelpressicons.com/, http://www.iconbazaar.com/, http://www.iconarchive.com/, http://www.icon-maker.com/,


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