this page is about cleaning up virus malware and file system damage
also see my other help pages helpself, selfhelp, & diypc,

= = = free fixit advice = = = 
= = = 12:59  2010/03/22 = = =

download all of the following programs in one session 
then put  them on a thumb drive or burn then to a cdrom (unzip program) (startup analizer and fix) (system clean up)  (ad and spyware blocker) 
(ad and spyware blocker) (tiny virus scanner) (spyware remover) 
(spyware update file) 
(task manager)

on the messed up computer restart & press the [F8] key on start up then go into safe mode 

go to start settings ad remove programs, 
remove everything you do not use or 
anything you do not recognize

put in the cdrom or plug in the thumb drive to your computer, 
next on the computers desktop make a directory 
name it so that you can easily find it 
copy the software to that folder or directory
run the program installers in the same order you downloaded them 

run the programs in the same order you downloaded them 
when you run hijackthis,, save the log file & email it to me 
i can read it and figure out what hit you

= = = = = = AntiVirus Warning = = = = = = 
currently there are no anti-virus programs that 
i would install due to the fact that for all practical purposes 
they all fail to stop viruses AND malware & this is manditory

in the future please use web based virus scanners like

These are the minimal fixit files in order of download/run
7zip, firefox, CrapCleaner, stinger & free av and its updated vdf file,
spybot search & destroy and its updates for detection and tool files, HiJackThis,

These are all of the the fixit files, that are  on my fixit cd and thumb drive
2Klite, 7zip, 98lite, A43, ADS spy, bugoff, CrapCleaner
cdrdos, cdrwin, cwshredder, DirectX, firefox, HiJackThis
HOSTS.  file to save to;Windows

id blaster, Internet Explorer the worst browser on earth
killbox, MRU blaster
MElite, Media Player Classic because Windows Media Player sucks! (Install hacked WMP7.1?)
Nero, neopaint & its right click edit reg file, ob1, opera, Open Office
foxit pdf editor and pdf reader because i F*CKING hate adobe acroCr%p!
process explorer, quicktime sucks but what ya gona do use qv for dos?,
spybot search & destroy and update its detection and tool files
revenge of mozilla, msdos.sys, nlite

stinger & free av and its updated vdf file
spyware blaster, throbber killer
tweakui, wmp scripting fix, winboot.ini
zone alarm firewall

XPlite, vorck Remove IE from Windows 2000 RIPLing Windows Millennium Edition Nano98 Mindows
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