please remember that 
"increased real estate prices"  means higher rent &
"lowering property values" really means lower rent 


from Stage 1: Disinvestment and Criminalization Landlords let buildings run down Press focuses on crime and "blight" in an area Police allow crime to flourish in some areas but protect others Locally-owned businesses lose support and close up The area is declared "blighted" by media and politicians The culture of area residents is attacked in the media and by politicians 'people are "lazy"', "bad elements," there is a "culture of poverty," etc. Stage 2: "Re-vitalization" New unaffordable housing starts going up Big chain stores and businesses start moving in Police harassment and brutality increases, especially for youth of color Lotís of unaffordable "affordable housing" starts getting built to create 'mix-income "communities" ' Condo conversions happen everywhere Industrial zoning is changed to residential or commercial Culture is commercialized and distorted to please new residents while displacing the people who made culture alive in the community Stage 3: Displacement Public and subsidized housing gets torn down Taxes sky-rocket for homeowners and many are forced out Landlords kick out tenants to convert their apartments to condos Rental housing becomes scarce Vouchers flood the market and make landlords raise rents Market-rate renters are forced out by rising rents Any remaining small businesses canít compete with new chain stores and close up Most residents are eventually pushed to less desirable communities, into the suburbs, or onto the streets The few token residents who get to stay get their pictures on glossy brochures about what a nice "mix-income" community the neighborhood has become or get to work at museums commemorating the culture that used to characterize the neighborhood
exerpt from YOU CANíT VOTE AGAINST A YUPPIE TAKEOVER While working people usually see a house as a place to live, a necessity, real estate speculators see land as a source of profit buy low, run up the price, sell high. Itís no accident when working class folks and students get run out of their neighborhood by rising rents, evictions, demolitions, and heavy-handed cops. Predatory real-tors, conniving developers, and their buddies in the government engineer things so they can make money by selling the neighborhood off to yuppies. Yuppies donít want to live in your neighborhood- they want to live in THEIR neigh-borhood, where your neighborhood USED TO BE. You wonít get a chance to vote on how you feel about it at the polls, though. A politician who doesnít play the gentrification game with rich developers wonít last very long in politics. No, if we want to keep our neighborhoods affordable and livable, weíll have to take matters into our own hands. Here are some direct action techniques to fight gentrification: -GET TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS -SHOP LOCALLY-OWNED BUSINESSES & BOYCOTT CHAINSTORES -MAKE YUPPIES FEEL UNWELCOME -UNDERMINE PUBLIC SURVEILLANCE -BEFRIEND LOCAL HOMELESS FOLKS -HOLD GREEDY/UNETHICAL REALTORS, DEVELOPERS, & POLITICIANS PERSONALLY ACCOUNTABLE -RENTERSí UNIONS -COLLECTIVE LIVING -PROTECT & MAINTAIN NEIGHBORHOOD DIVERSTY -SQUATTING VACANT LAND MAKES GREAT COMMUNITY GARDENS &PEOPLEíS PARKS COOPERATIVE HOUSING COMMUNITY LAND TRUSTS RECLAIM THE COMMONS! More info: Phoenix Anarchist Mission Yuppie Eradication Squatting: Long-term community
from 2004: Portland's sidewalk obstruction ordinance is declared unconstitutional by Multnomah County Circuit Judge Marilyn E. Litzenberger. The judge rules the ordinance is broad and vague. From June 2004 until December 2005, the city doesn't enforce the ordinance. 2005: The Oregon Court of Appeals throws out the ordinance on grounds that it conflicts with the state disorderly conduct law. A new temporary ordinance is negotiated among homeless activists, the business community, law enforcement and city officials. During its 18-month tenure, 19 tickets are issued, eight of which are thrown out of court. Of the remaining 11 cases, only one person was found guilty. 2006: Mayor Tom Potter creates a group to address sidewalk nuisance problems. From May 2006 to August 2007, the city doesn't enforce the sidewalk ordinance. 2007: The city begins enforcement of a new ordinance, banning sitting or lying on the sidewalk in downtown and the Rose Quarter-Lloyd Center area between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. The same ordinance also calls for improving services for homeless people. The council also endorses a "resource access center" where people can go during the day. 2008: In April, a group of homeless people camp on the sidewalks outside City Hall to protest the law. The group swells to about 140 people in two weeks before police sweep the camp. 2009: May ;The council votes 4-1 to extend the sidewalk ordinance beyond its June expiration date until Oct. 31 to have a public discussion before deciding what to do with the law. 2009: June ;Multnomah County Circuit Judge Stephen K. Bushong rules the ordinance unconstitutional and the city stops enforcing it.

everyone holds the poor in contempt, Until the economy tanks, and they are the poor,
they learn how hard it is to get or keep any job due to ; age, credit, & medical history discrimination.
distane for poor persist as people talk about fancy looking people using food stamps.
many of these people were previously middle class and lost everything except for their nice (job getter) ouytfit
see also, and anti homeless
or just go away