GOOGLE and many other websites 
grab your mouse pointer and screw up 
where you are typing or clicking ,,,
they call it  stealing "focus" 


start firefox
In the address bar type ' about:config ' [filter] type ' dom.disable_window_open_feature. ' set all = true by double left click , [close]
next click [tools] [options] [content] to the right of "Enable JavaScript" click [advanced] uncheck [raise or lower windows] [ok] [ok]
firefox3 intentionaly hides this setting!. so search for prefs.js & user.js , YOUR javascript OVERRIDE files in c:\program files\mozilla\firefox\ or c:\documents and settings\your login name\ right click the files and select [open with] uncheck [allways use the selected ,,,,] ,select notepad look inside for the lines that start with user_pref at the top of that line, add the following line user_pref("capability.policy.default.HTMLInputElement.focus", "noAccess"); if you do not find user_pref then close that file and look in the next js OVERRIDE file in the search list
C:\google stole my focus>cd.._