Wheek - A loud noise, the name of which is onomatopoeic, also known as a Whistle.
An expression of general excitement, it may occur in response to the presence of its owner or to feeding.
It is sometimes used to find other guinea pigs if they are running.
If a guinea pig is lost, it may wheek for assistance.

Bubbling or Purring - This sound is made when the guinea pig is enjoying itself,
such as when being petted or held. They may also make this sound when grooming,
crawling around to investigate a new place, or when given food.

Rumbling - This sound is normally related to dominance within a group,
though it can also come as a response to comfort or contentment. While courting,
a male usually purrs deeply, swaying and circling the female in a behavior called

WOOKING! , Chutting and Whining - These are sounds made in pursuit situations,
by the pursuer and pursuee, respectively.

Chattering - This sound is made by rapidly gnashing the teeth, and is generally a sign of
warning. Guinea pigs tend to raise their heads when making this sound.

Squealing or Shrieking - A high-pitched sound of discontent, in response to pain or danger.

Chirping - This less-common sound, likened to bird song, seems to be related to stress.
Very rarely, the chirping will last for several minutes.
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micro guinea [rodentus minimus] RODS (Rodent of Diminutive Size)
i am not a mouse..

mega guinea [rodentus maximus] ROUS (Rodent of Unusual Size)
canoe help me? pet?