remove the rivets from the sauce pot & toss the handle
get a nut and screw that fit the rivet hole
get a "tin"-can & cut out a smooth piece that is 2 1/2 times the spacing between the rivet holes
center it over the holes,mark the metal for drilling,,drillum
get 2 1 foot secions of stainless steel 3/32 or 1 /16 inch rod
bolt the metal in place , bend it outward,
unbolt it and bend the metal backwards around the steel rod
make sure it is bent so it will tuck under and form a R shaped hinge
press it against previous drilled holes,,mark & drill em
pull out the steel rods,bend the rods to match the curve of the pot as good as you can
bend the rods in the middle to form a V shape that makes the curve you made into rams horns
bend the ends at a hard 90 degrees twords each other to get a hinge like affect
test fit the rod ends into the tin hing holes
assemble it..start frying/cooking