"Turkish coffee..one step beyond espresso! literaly.. :) "turning it up to eleven"
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Turkish coffee: Brewing coffee in a cezve, briki, mbiki, toorka, IBRIK, Briki, Jesvah, Pannikin (bent TIN can?)

This method of brewing can accentuate the acidity of the beans..experiment
When brewing Turkish coffee, the foaming occurs at around 70 C, much cooler than boiling (100 C),
which is why it's possible to foam the coffee repeatedly without boiling it
higher than 75C the coffee becomes over-extracted.
The time spent at brewing temperature is your best guide to how it will taste.

-How much Water : enough room temperature water to come up to, but not into, the neck
-How much Coffee: 8% of the amount of water. more if you like it harsh.
-How much Sugar : 5% of the amount of water, half the mass of coffee to balance the bitterness
-Type of Coffee : the kind you like??!!,The coffee may be any roast, oh and the finest grind possible

Put in the water, then the coffee, and sugar/spices stirred it in or not you decide
Put it on low/medium heat, At two minutes foaming starts at the edges of the ibrik,
Dont let the froth rise more than a quarter of its volume,,..
DO NOT WALK AWAY! or the caffeine volcano will harvest you

If you can throttle down the heat, slowly begin reducing the heat to keep the coffee foaming stedily
If you cannot throttle down the heat, let it froth up the neck, then let it subside for 20 seconds and then re foam it

Ether way the goal is to foam for 3 additional minutes (5 minutes total time)

The temperature at the end of 5 minutes should be around 75C.

If you want crema you can scoop this off the top
Pour very slowly to trap as much grind as possible in the bottom of the ibrik. Donít pour out the "last drop" since the bottom of the ibrik will be sludge.
Before using an Ibrik for the first time, fill it halfway with water, put unwanted or spent coffee grounds in it, and allow it to brew until it nears a boil. Discard, rinse, this "seasons" the lining so the coffee will taste like..coffee

DO NOT !@#$% scrub/sand/scour/VIOLATE your IBRIK,,,...just rinse it out or hand-wash it. Do not use a dishwasher
If it is tin lined and it wares out,,ask a coffee/cooking equipment suplier or french resteraunt chef where to get it retinned

coffee erotica?
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reminds you of cowboy coffee doesn't it

" Then i turned to the hard stuff: chocolate covered coffee beans.These little Rabbit Droppings From God eliminated the wasteful practice of diluting your coffee with water. Itís the perfectly efficient caffeine delivery system. Just chew a few and ride the high."