right man wrong century
english in apearance, technical renaissance man in manner and mind
old wood ships capitan at heart.. a gentleman in the wrong century

prevented my death repaetedly...sometimes by not strangling me

(mark) stop pestering my cat tony
(me) get it off!! get IT OFFFFFF!!!
(mark) aW shit,, hold still she just has your hat...
(mark) uH! shit thats not a hat??@!!
(me) ???????????...AEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! bad kitty BAD KITTY!!!

\________ Mark H Doeneka _______/

Hisssss Hisssss! i say Mark doeneka's last known owner was a bombay like this one
i miss stinkums,, the nicest cat that ever was :-)
the Bombay is one who, when things are going her way,
purrs loudly enough to be heard in the next room.

last updated 2006/03/07,10:48PM