"name brand quality?"

This page is dedicated to everyone that wouldn't let me build them a decent computer

i made a living fixing thease POS and i will not feel guilty since i did not MAKE them


Classy HP why settle for less, Pavilion computer models 8655c, 8660c, 8750c, 8754c, 8755c, xl756, and xl759.
technicaly; personal computers with defective "Mercury" motherboard$. HP Pavilion Class Action Settlement, P.O. Box 542, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55440-0542. Call toll-free at 1-877-874-7559. May 1, 2006 deadline class action lawsuit was granted on March 16, 2006 by U.S. District Court Judge Corbett O’Meara.




Classy gwtruthman


Classy google it

packard bell

Classy Ray Rick! staceman


From http://dell.myway.com/
BEGIN BULLSHIT "IMPORTANT: My Way does not present our users with pop-ups or any other non-contextual advertising. Nor does My Way send email to our users. If you see or receive one of these items, it is coming from an outside source, either as a result of something you have previously downloaded or as an "exit" pop-up from the site you just visited. It is not coming from My Way." END BULLSHIT

so the hidden meaning is  we blast you with ads that are related to what you want?
google em theregister thundercloud castlecops pchell spywareinfo forumdellcom benedelman michaelright dslreports ihatedell run pc-de-crapifier To remove :
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