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this was my original web site but due to issues beyond my control,,, i had to move it ,,,
i put this here to redirect straglers ,clicking anything here will take you to my current server

To all persons at quik.com ,YOU ALL ROCK and i miss you
i did call into have this taken down in 2008 ,, but i found out by accident , the password still works
i hope this is ok,,,you can delete it if you want ,, yah know,,

User name: waptek
password : XXXXXXXXXX
   XXXX NW XXth apt XXX 
   Portland OR, 97210 USA

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Date       Description                    Debit  PD Fran  PD Quik
2008-04-06 Balance forward                19.70
2008-04-06 access 2008-05-06/2008-06-06   19.95          
2008-04-29 Account balance due:           -0.00       

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