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Downtown Restaurant Guide for Job Seekers

By "The guy that alphabetized this years ago"

aalto lounge- 3356 se belmont st
acapulco's gold- 2610 nw vaughn st X
allesandro's- 301 sw morrison st
alexander's- 921 sw 6th ave
alexis- 215 w burnside st
all american hot dog place- 512 sw 4th ave
allie's american grill- 1401 sw naito pkwy
ambassador restaurant- 4744 ne sandy blvd
annie pearl's- 320 se 2nd ave
antique row cafe- 8225 se 13th ave suite 9
arby's- 10071 se washington
assagio- 7742 se 13th
at the hop- 3001 se hawthorne blvd
atrium cafe- 100 sw market st
atwater's- 111 sw 5th ave 30th floor
aztec willie&joey rose- 1501 sw broadway
azteca- 1348 lloyd ctr suite v208

backporch barbecue- 1937 nw 23rd pl
bagel bistro- 417 sw 4th ave
baja grill- 827 sw 2nd ave
balzer's pub&grill- 53 nw 1st ave
baobab- 422 nw 8th ave
bar 71- 71 sw 2nd ave
basta's pasta- 410 nw 21st ave
beau thai- 730 nw 21st ave
berbati greek restaurant- 19 sw 2nd ave
berbati's pan- 10 sw 3rd ave
besaw's cafe- 2301 nw savier st
billy heartbeats- 2039 lloyd ctr
bima restaurant&bar- 1338 nw hoyt st
bj's restaurant&brewhouse- 12222 se stark
black cat pub- 8230 se 13th ave
blaze jose's- 5905 ne halsey st
blue diamond- 2016 ne sandy blvd
blue nile cafe- 2225 ne broadway st
bombay cricket club- 1925 se hawthorne blvd
bombay palace- 7901 ne glisan st
bonnie's drive-in- 1111 nw 21st ave
boogie woogies- 915 sw 2nd st
box car bertha's- 1000 nw 17th ave
brasserie montmartre- 626 sw park ave
bread and ink cafe- 3610 se hawthorne blvd
brickstones- 1401 n hayden island
brite spot- 4800 se hawthorne blvd
broadway bento- 3445 ne broadway st
bruchi's cheesesteaks&subs- 1405 jantzen beach ctr
buffalo gap saloon&eatery- 6835 sw macadam
bull ring northwest- 1900 nw 27th ave
bush garden japanese restaurant- 900 sw morrison st

c c slaughters restaurant- 200 nw 3rd
cadillac cafe- 914 ne broadway
cafe azul- 112 nw 9th ave
cafe del toro- 11935 n center ave
cafe des amis- 1987 nw kearney st
cafe latte- 11949 ne sandy blvd
cafe lena- 2239 se hawthorne blvd
cafe sol- 620 sw 9th ave
caffe fresco- 2387 nw thurman st
cajun grill- 700 sw 5th ave
captain ankeny's well- 50 sw 3rd
carl's jr- 508 sw taylor X
carrows restaurants- 11340 ne halsey
casa blanca- 2221 se hawthorne blvd
cassidy's- 1331 sw washington
castagna- 1752 se hawthorne blvd
catalina's- 10902 ne sandy blvd
chang's mongolian grill- 12055 n center ave
chez celeste- 930 nw 23rd
chez grill/chez lounge- 2229 se hawthorne blvd
chez jose- 2200 ne broadway st
chez machin- 3553 se hawthorne blvd
claudia's- 3006 se hawthorne blvd
clay's smokehouse grill- 2932 se division
cobalt lounge- 32 nw 3rd
concept entertainment group- 133 sw 2nd
country kitchen- 10519 se stark
couvron- 1126 sw 18th apt 1
cozze- 1205 se morrison
crackerjacks pub&eatery- 2788 nw thurman
crowsenberg's half&half- 923 sw oak

dan&louis oyster bar- 208 sw ankeny
da napoli- 827 sw 2nd
danna brothers-elmers- 9800 se stark
demetri's mediterranean restaurant- 1650 w burnside
denny's restaurant- 10428 se stark X
dingos- 4612 se hawthorne blvd
dockside saloon&restaurant- 2047 nw front ave
dog house restaurant- 2845 e burnside
dragon fish cafe- 909 sw park
dragonfly restaurant- 1411 ne broadway
earth's bounty- 1312 sw 10th
eastern cafe- 406 sw oak
edible complex- 555 sw oak
eleni restaurant- 7712 se 13th
elephant&castle- 439 sw 2nd
elmers' pancake&steak house- 1411 ne 82nd
el palenque- 8324 se 17th
el salvador- 5919 se foster road
energy bar- 834 sw 10th
eritrea cafe- 801 ne broadway
esparza's tex mex- 2725 se ankeny

farm house- 3612 se 82nd
fat tuesday- 827 sw 2nd
fellini- 125 nw 6th
fernando's hideaway- 824 sw 1st
5th ave trattoria- 1211 sw 5th floor 1
fish grotto- 1035 sw stark X
flying pie pizzeria- 7804 se stark
flying saucer cafe- 2138 se division
foothill boiler- 33 nw 23rd pl
fox&hounds- 217 nw 2nd
fratelli- 1230 nw hoyt
fresh pot- 3729 se hawthorne blvd
fujin- 3549 se hawthorne blvd
fuller's restaurant- 136 nw 9th

galaxy- 909 e burnside
galley- 3075 nw front
garbonzo's 922 nw 21st/3433 se hawthorne blvd
genoa- 2832 se belmont
geraldi's- 518 sw 4th
gilini's- 1515 sw 5th flr 5 rm atrium
giorgio's- 1131 nw hoyt
golden dragon- 324 sw 3rd
golden horse- 238 nw 4th
good day- 312 nw couch
good dog/bad dog- 708 sw alder
good taste- 18 nw 4th
green room- 2280 nw thurman
gyros gyros- 302 se washington 2nd flr

happy bowl- 937 sw 5th
harrington's bar&grill- sw 6th&sw main
hawthorne cafe- 1310 nw 23rd
hawthorne street ale house- 3632 se hawthorne blvd
hawthorne street cafe- 3354 se hawthorne blvd
heathman bakery&pub- 901 sw salmon
heathman hotel&restaurant- 1001 sw broadway at salmon
higgins- 1239 sw broadway
hobo's- 120 nw 3rd
holden's- 524 nw 14th
hollywood burger bar- 4211 ne sandy blvd
holman's- 15 se 28th ave
homestead- 11925 n center ave
house of louie- 331 nw davis
hungry dog burrito- 2310 nw everett
hungry tiger- 2800 e burnside

ice cafe- 960 lloyd ctr
Il fornaio- nw 22nd ave
Il piatto- 2348 se ankeny st
India grill- 2924 e burnside st
India house- 1038 sw morrison st
India oven- 3862 se hawthorne blvd
Ione plaza cafe- 1717 sw park ave X
Ira's on 21st- 500 nw 21st
Izzy's pizza-gateway- 1307 ne 102nd X

J J north's grand buffet- 10520 halsey st/10520 ne halsey st
J&M's cafe- 537 se ash st
jake's famous crawfish- 401 sw 12th ave X
jake's grill- 611 sw 10th ave
jamie's great hamburgers- 1337 ne broadway
jasmine tree- 401 sw harrison st
jim dandy drive-in- 9626 ne sandy blvd
jo bar&rotisserie- 715 nw 23rd
jody's retaurant&lounge- 12035 ne glisan st
joe's cellar- 1332 nw 21st X
johnny b's- 1212 se hawthorne blvd
junior's cafe- 1742 se 12th ave
justa plaza co inc- 1326 19th ave

k-cafe- 1716 jantzen beach cntr
kells irish restaurant&pub- 112 sw 2nd ave
kerns pub grill- 2016 ne sandy blvd
key largo- 31 nw 1st ave
king's omelets- 10711 ne halsey st
kingston bar&grill- 72021 sw morrison
kornblatt's- 628 nw 23rd ave X

la casa de rios- 4343 se hawthorne blvd
la casita- 436 e burnside st
la catalana- 2821 se stark st
la cruda- 2500 se clinton st
lair hill too cafe- 2501sw 1st ave
lanai cafe- 3145 se hawthorne blvd
laslow's- 2327 nw kearney
l'auberge- 2601 nw vaughn st
lavilla- 719 se morrison
la vino cava- 133 sw 2nd ave suite 105
leaky roof tavern- 1538 sw jefferson
le canari bistro- 2035 se jefferson
legin- 8001 se division
lemongrass- 1705 ne couch
let's talk turkey- 700 sw 5th suite 54
lew's dari-freeze- 14911 se mcloughlin blvd
lisa's bento- 824 nw hoyt st
little italy's cucina- 2601 se clinton
little mexico- 5827 e burnside
little river cafe- 0315 sw montgomery st
little wing cafe- 529 nw 13th ave
lorn&dottie's- sw 2nd&oak
lotus card room&cafe- 932 sw 3rd ave
lucy's table- 706 nw 21st ave

macheezmo mouse- 1200 ne broadway st/723 sw salmon st/723 sw salmon st suite 685
madison bar&grill- 1109 se madison st
magic go-go- 217 nw 4th ave
mama maria's- 3218 se 21st
mama'a corner cafe- 14035 stark
marco polo garden- 19 nw 5th
market street cafe- 1728 se 7th ave
marrakesh- 1201 nw 21st X
mar's flamingo- 9727 ne sandy blvd
martinotti's cafe&deli- 404 sw 10th
mary's grill- 50 sw 2nd
mccalls waterfront- 1020 sw naito pkwy
mccormick&schmick's seafood- 235 sw 1st
mcduff's tavern&grill- 1635 se 7th ave
mcgillacuddy's- 11131 ne halsey
mediterranean express- 120 sw ankeny
metronome- 1426 ne broadway
michael's sellwood cafe- 7937 se 13th
mike's drive-in 1707 se tenino
milo's city cafe- 1325 ne broadway
mint- 816 n russell
moe's cafe- 1431 sw park ave apt 116
molly maguire's- 2400 nw 21st
montage- 301 se morrison
morton's- 213 sw clay
mother's bixtro&bar- 409 sw 2nd
mt scott- 10151 se foster rd
moutina- 320 sw alder
muchas gracias- 14324 se division
mummy's- 622 sw columbia
murata- 200 sw market

nancy lee's pharmacy fountain- 2334 w burnside
nancy's eat&browse- 6920 se 52nd ave
newport bay- 9722 se washington X
nob hill bar&grill- 937 nw 23rd

OBI- 101 nw 2nd
o'brien's- 519 nw 21st
o'connor's- 826 sw 2nd
old country buffet- 11358 se 82nd av/10542 se washington XX
old spaghetti factory- 0715 sw bancroft
old wive's tales- 1300 e burnside
o'malley's- 6535 se foster rd
onion ring west- 5501 nw st helens rd
opus too&jazz de opus- 33 nw 2nd
oregon stree cafeteria- 800 ne oregon st
original hotcake house- 1002 se powell blvd
original portland ice cream parlor- 1613 ne weidler st
oritalia- 750 sw alder suite 210

paddy's- 65 sw yamhill
pagoda- 3839 ne broadway
paley's- 1204 nw 21st
papa haydn- 701 nw 23rd
pappy's- 1144 ne 82nd
paradox palace- 3439 se belmont
parchman farm- 1204 se clay
park avenue cafe- 1525 sw park ave suite p100
pasta veloce- 933 sw 3rd/1022 sw morrison
pazzo ristorante- 627 sw washington
pazzoria- 625 sw washington
persian house- 1026 sw morrison
plainfield's mayur- 852 sw 21st
plaza express- 511 sw 10th
portland steak&chop house- 121 sw 3rd
prime rib restaurant&lounge- 5474 ne sandy blvd
produce row cafe- 204 se oak

rabbit hole- 203 se grand
ram's head- 2282 nw hoyt
red coach- 615 sw broadway
red robin- 1139 ne grand av
red sea abyssinian- 318 sw 3rd
red star tavern- 506 sw washington flr 9
rheinlander/gustav's bier stube- 5035 ne sandy blvd
ringside- 2165 w burnside
rip city diner- 3100 ne 21st
riyadh's- 1318 se hawthorne blvd
roger's- 5827 e burnside
romo's la jara- 5011 se hawthorne blvd
rose&raindrop- 532 se grand
rose&thistle- 2314 ne broadway
rose's- 12329 ne glisan
roxy- 1121 sw stark
rustica- 812 sw washington
ruth's chris steak house- 309 sw 3rd

sammy's- 333 nw 23rd X
santa fe taqueria- 831 nw 23rd
santana's mexican- 1110 sw 3rd
santorini- 101 sw main
sassy's- 927 se morrison
saucebox- 214 sw broadway
scooter mcquade's- 1321 sw washington
seven star- 205 nw 4th
shaker's- 1212 nw glisan
shaughnessy's- 3100 ne sandy blvd
silverado- 1217 sw stark
sir loins- 8025 ne sandy blvd
song of the rose- 1310 nw 23rd
southpark- 901 sw salmon
space room- 4800 se hawthorne
spaghetti alreadi- 10601 ne sandy
stanford's- 1831 sw river dr X
sungari- 735 sw first ave
sunshine cafe- 1220 sw morrison
swagat- 2074 nw lovejoy

tabor hill cafe- 3766 se hawthorne blvd
taco smell- 21st&burnside
taco dell mar- 435 sw 4th/3106 se hawthorne
taco house original- 3550 se powell blvd unit office
taco house original #1- 3255 ne 82nd
taco time- 15 nw broadway
tacoma cafe- 22 nw 3rd
taste of bali- 947 sw broadway
taste of india- 111 sw 5th
tennessee red's- 2133 se 11th
terra- 1338 nw hoyt st
the bagel basket- 410 ne 23rd
the frontline- 1135 sw washington
the greek cusina- 404 sw washington
three doors down- 1429 se 37th
tom's restaurant- 3871 se division
tony roma's- 718 ne m l k blvd/9950 se stark X
toulouse- 71 sw 2nd
trader vic's- 309 sw broadway
the trap- 3805 se 52nd
triple nickel- 3646 se belmont
tuscany grill- 811 nw 21st
21st ave bar&grill- 721 nw 21st ave-  222-4121
typhoon!- 2310 nw everett

una mas- 914 nw 23rd
up front bar&grill- 833 sw naito pkwy

vaughn street broiler- 2684 nw vaughn st
veritable quandry- 1220 sw 1st ave
virginia cafe- 725 sw park ave X

waterzoies- 2574 nw thurman
white horse- 1305 se 8th ave
wild abandon- 2411 se belmont
wildwood- 1221 nw 21st/2230 nw pettygrove st suite 130
wilf's- 800 nw 6th&irving
wimpy's 517 nw 21st ave
windows- 1021 ne grand
winterborne- 3520 ne 42nd ave

yankee pot roast- 2839 nw st helens rd
yur's- 717 nw 16th

zell's- 1300 se morrison st
zinc bistrot- 500 nw 21st ave
Many thanks to "The guy that alphabetized this years ago"
last updated 6:45 PM 7/12/07