squirrels mate twice a year from Dec to Jan & Jun to Jul so babys squirrels need their moms help from jan to apr & jul to oct
SO! baby squirrels are "less" a concern during 4 months from mid Oct – mid Feb if you seal off your attic, cut trees or hunt.
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EMERGANCY ONLY very basic baby squirrel rehab info ,

The first thing you must learn is actualy the last thing you need to do ,, keeping a "baby or infant" squirrel as a pet is not hard accept for feeding it
& after 2 months you may want to keep it,
BUT DONT keep a squirrel as a pet,, after 6 months you & it will DESPERATELY want it to leave,

Squatter squirrelSquatter squirrelshana logics Red squirrels grew up to have the goofiest faces
first WARM IT UP, make it a "nest" get mamma!
do not leave an orphaned squirrel outside, Mom won't take back a cold baby so make a box nest to keep it warm,, put warm H2O in a cloth wraped water bottle &
lay the bottle to a side of a square foot or bigger box then add a smooth (non terry) cloth next to the bottle & put the squirrel in the box on the cloth

determine IF the squirrel is an "orphan" & reunite it with mom
put this box nest at the base of or 8 feet up in the tree where you found the babies (bungie cord etc) get squirrel babies to call the baby's mom. hold one baby by the foot till it calls to their mom or blow a squirrel hunting call four to five times in quick succession. Mom won't come if there are people or animals around so make sure it is warm & LEAVE THE AREA, stay close enough to keep an eye it wait 2-3 hours in good weather or until dark, whichever comes first. If the baby is found late at night reunite it in the morning

if you have to keep it over night, a rehabber cannot come right now or mom pulls a no-show,,
you will need to rehydrate it, Pedialyte as rehydration every 2 hours for the first day maximum

diluted puppy formula as food every 2 hours for the second day maximum Esbilac has "issues"

The good, bad & the ugly of squirrel nutrition

some things WILL cause malnutrition even though Squirrels love them like candy so please avoid ;
cashews, sunflower seeds, dried corn, pine nuts, peanuts, & grocery store mixes ARE NOT GOOD!.

HOW OLD IS THE squirrel & what are they called?

one day old "INFANT" squirrel on formula
1 to 5 days Tiny, the size of a woman's thumb - knuckle to tip - and totally pink; no hair at all.
5 to 10 days Development of soft, reddish, sable hair around nose and mouth.
10 days to 2 weeks A grayish purple shadow begins spreading over the head, shoulders, and back; the belly and legs are still bright pink.
2 to 3 weeks Grayish-purple color deepens until the emerging hair is long enough to be identified as hair.
3 weeks The baby's lower front teeth begin emerging. Hair is now slick, smooth, and shiny. Still no hair on legs and belly.
4 weeks Has light grayish-brownish hair all over, except lower legs and belly and under tail. Some downy white hair beginning on belly and legs.

1 month old "baby" squirrel
5 weeks Eyes open , Thicker hair, including legs and belly. Tail hair lies parallel with the bone & is short, straight, . .
5 to 6 weeks Upper front teeth begin emerging. Begins curling tail over back. 26x15x17 inch high cage needed
6 to 7 weeks Fully furred, sleeping less with more active periods. & can start eating solid food like rodent blocks, primate food or puppy food
7 to 8 weeks Tail is fluffy. Should be placed in a pre-release cage 4*2*4ft high or bigger with plenty of room to play.
build a 8 by 8 by 12 inch nesting box with a three-inch entry hole for it to make a nest in

2 month old "Juvenile" squirrel
8 to 9 weeks Has lost infant appearance & Looks like a miniature squirrel.
Very active; gnawing on furniture, shredding everything with its claws ( begin weening! )
9 to 10 weeks Develops more muscular physique.
10 to 12 weeks About 3/4 full size, have SOME ONE ELSE evaluate that it is able to fend for its self & then
begin the release process by transfering into an outdoor pen & "nestingg box where it can adapt to local weather contitions & learn to BE more wild!

3 month old "freed" Juvenile squirrel
3 to 6 months fending for its self & Learning how to interact with; nature, other squirrels, & predators ,, may act "tame" & or visit you

6 month old "wild" Juvenile squirrel
6 to 12 months not tame at all, wary, competitive, & teritorial (%25 winter servival rate)

12 month old "adult squirrel"
12 months or over a full size adult (%50 servival rate for every winter after maturity)
Sometimes I'll put my paws in my mouth and blow until my eyes pop out.
health of a 9 week old Baby Squirrel fed;
scalded milk VS puppy formula

DO NOT FEED A BABY SQUIRREL COW MILK you may cause metabolic bone disease (MBD)

first the body starts to steal the calcium from the bones and blood, then the organs
this is when true lethargy is apparant, then last the body steals it's last reserve,
brain calcium, causing seizures & eventual DEATH. BUT this is all preventable via diet

The body cannot absorb calcium if their is excessive phosporus,
Ideally twice as much calcium as phosphorus is best
& "some" vitamin D3 to absorb the calcium is better

Solids  Fat     Protein Carbs Species 

35.9    23.9    11.0    0.1   Otter 
33.0    19.8    09.0    2.2   Beaver 
30.5    10.4    15.5    1.9   Rabbit 

26.6    12.6    09.2   	3.4   Gray Squirrel 
25.8    12.1    09.0    3.2   Mouse 
24.0    10.5    07.9    3.8   Dog 
24.5    10.7    09.9    2.3   Coyote 
23.1    08.0    10.6    2.8   Deer 

25.2    13.0    06.9    0.4   Antelope 

20.0    06.5    09.0    6.8   Cat 
20.0    07.3    06.6    5.0   Pig 
20.5    08.6    05.7    5.4   Sheep 
18.1    06.3    06.2    4.6   Fox 

14.0    04.7    04.0    4.5   Opossum 
13.4    03.9    04.0    4.7   Racoon 
12.8    04.1    03.7    4.2   Goat 
11.9    03.5    03.0    4.6   Cow 

find any wildlife rehabilitator  in Clackamas county oregon
Portland OR.
503-292-9501 Dr. Deborah Sheaffer,  Portland Audubon                         Mammals, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Raptors, 
503-228-7281 Dr. Nathan Bodnar,     Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital     Mammals, Amphibians, Reptiles. (Triage Birds & Raptors only )
503-320-4268 Becky Magnuson,        Portland OR.                             Mammals, Amphibians, Reptiles 
503-256-7864 Irene McIntosh,        Portland OR.                             Mammals 

971-227-4036 Dr. Janette Ackermann, American Wildlife Foundation Molalla OR. Mammals, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Raptors,  
503-645-4458 Dr. David Barno,       Rock Creek Vet Hospital Aloha OR.        Mammals, Amphibians, Reptiles, (Triage Birds & Raptors only )
503-643-2137 Dr. Mark Burgess,      Southwest Animal Hospital Beaverton      Mammals, Amphibians, Reptiles 
503-556-3084 Dr. Sarah McNair,      Valley Veterinary Clinic Rainier Or.     Mammals, Amphibians, Reptiles 
503-639-9772 Lynda Neithammer       Tigard Or.                               Mammals, Amphibians, Reptiles 
503-807-5298 Amy Jewell,            Tigard Or.                               Mammals 
503-634-2544 Mary Namit,            Woodburn Or.                             (Western Gray Squirrels & Skunks ONLY )

whether large or small if you keep any wild animal from its natural world one day you will notice it starring out a window OR starring at YOU,
confused or frozen in "thought" as if "feeling" something undefinable is missing & this is THE definition of being domesticated or wild

its called FREEDOM!

"Better one day of dangerous freedom, than a lifetime of safety in a cage."

How you say Squirrel

German= eichhörnchen, Swedish= ekorr, Danish= egern, Dutch= eekhoorn Italian= scoiattolo, Greek= sciurus, Spanish= ardilla, French= écureuil, irish= iora Russian= belka, Belerusian= byalku, Estonian= orava, Albanian= ketri, Croatian= vjeverica, Czech= veverka Yiddish= veverke, Hebrew= snai, Turkish= sincap, Arabic= alsinjab Japanese= risu, Chinese= song shu, Korean= dalamjwi, Thai= krarxk Hopi= scha-ghern-uh, Chinook= ap-poe-poe, Yankton Sioux= kee-hah-chah, Chippewa= kleé-ay, Cherokee= salà'-ay, Natick= mishannek, Oglala Sioux= zee-cha

i am an eastern red squerril & i will escape!i am an eastern red squerril & i have escaped!

Golden-mantled ground squirrel

Lendorav, Pteromys MOMONGA , Japanese Siberian flying squirrel

NON squirrels

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