tents i have had to learn from

brown A frame Trail Tent”  title= tent anatomy, poles, body & rain fly
my original 7 x 5 x 3 foot "tent", a common mistake, dont do this to your self!
it was to short and had only one wall so i got soaked when i touched the ends or walls
when you lay down you should have 12 inches in every direction or you will get soaked
a tent should allow you room to sit up or kneel in it and have 2 walls

prospector 3 'person' dome tent | | with tarps to try improve 'rainfly' | & key-rings on tent-rings for oversized poles
prospector brand, 3 midget dome tent tent with tarps to fix SHITTY rainfly tent ring modded with a keyring to extend it for a pole set that was just a little to long

tent types

cheap ass Dome Tent winter time Pyramid tent Bivy sack warm light weight waterproof covering for sleeping bag.
evil A frame tent emergancy tarp tent


the outer covering of a tent needs to cover the top and go as low as possible ,because i live in oregon
$29.67<-- crap WTF $149.99<-- good
$59.99<-- better $90<-- best
the dead air space between the inner and outer wall also allows a tent to have some heat retention
you can fix a bad rainfly with tarps but try to get a tent with a BIG rainfly in stead