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Do With Less - So They’ll Have Enough , , or , , How about a nice big cup of shut the fuck up
Thomas J. Murray said Do With Less - So They’ll Have Enough Thomas J. Murray did not say How about a nice big cup of shut the fuck up
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born ???. ??, 1915
Clifton Park
died Oct. 16, 2002
at age 87 of Parkinson's disease
St. Mary's Hospital Troy NY

The late Thomas J. Murray of Clifton Park became a symbol of home-front rationing from 1943-1945
The U.S. Office of War Information selected him to pose as a cheery-faced soldier sipping coffee for
a now-historic The 22-by-28-inch poster that read, "Do With Less So They'll Have Enough."
The Army veteran posed for illustrations that were part of a campaign to gain support for sacrifice on the home front
During World War II, Americans needed special stamps to purchase some foods, shoes and more.

The original hangs in the National D-Day Museum in New Orleans and in a military museum in Greensboro, N.C.
And thanks to the internet now A 5-by-3 inch sticker of the latter sells for $3.49.

His daughter Stephanie Phillips of McNutt Avenue in Albany NY. feels the modern poster is derogatory ,
"Needless to say, I was horrified," "The Army advised me that images taken by the Army become public domain, so there is not much that can be done,"
"However, if other families can be forewarned, they may be able to express their outrage and concern about these particular Web sites.
The Web sites are making large amounts of money based on unknown anger, humiliation and pain caused to unsuspecting families."

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