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boot dos on USB @ bay-wolf, bootdisk,
boot linux on USB @ pendrivelinux,
how to run a usb drive in win98 without U3 and then get usb498, AND usb 4 dos,


Dear fuckheads at

MY!!! Computer!!! DAMNIT!!
WARNING: This product WILL install packages on your machine that you may not like or want.
Every time you insert a U3 USB drive the U3 software would come up with a list of a few applications available on the drive, with the option to "buy" more.
So I guess it is basically adware built into the flash drive that you can't remove without the tool.

(1) U3 is an unrequested 'feature' - I sought out and bought the flash drive for the flash drive, not for the software which was on it.

(2) Your undesireable technique - auto install and cannot remove source application? Sounds like malware
you have created a business by forcing your way against my decisions.
BTW: such a lovely style of interaction with your users.

(3) It is the consumer who takes responsibility for and suffers consequeces of the unintended activities of defective software, not the software maker
U3 is not certifying that the software is without risks, I would not be pleased when someone announces a security issue based on U3.

(4) The uninstall program is a 2.5 MEG download, runs only under Windows. The application fails to install properly under Windows ME.
After failing to install properly in ME, the ME uninstaller cannot uninstall.

unlock the partition, and make that partition a STANDARD Microsoft FAT partition so EVERYONE can delete it,
without needing a faulty 2.5 meg download to delete unwanted software that installs itself against the will of the consumer.

U3 might be the best flash drive organization software that was ever conceived. but because some moron decided to auto INSTALL files on my computer,
I'll never even give it the chance.


Include a real uninstaller on the drive NOT BURRIED ON YOUR WEB SITE that will work in all os's that kills this shit OFF!


AN UNINSTALL ON THE FUCKING U3 DRIVE... now why would they start doing that?