VESTA 11950 SW Garden Pl tualatin OR, OR 97223 as a temp via express personel services

0:00 get a coffee
Then Walk south from NW Thurman St & NW 21st Ave to NW 21st & Savier (Stop ID 10693) 
0:11 Board 17 NW 21st Ave- St. Helens Road to Portland 
0:23 Get off at SW 3rd between Pine & Oak 
0:24 Go to SW 3rd between Oak & Stark (Stop ID 12781) 
0:44 Board 12 Barbur Blvd to King City 
1:16 Get off at SW Pacific Hwy & Warner 
     Walk 0.1 mile south to 11950 SW Garden Pl
Travel time: 66 minutes (including 21 minutes waiting)