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"Dubya" S.u.r.v.i.v.a.l. kit list- current revision 11:16 PM 2/26/03
By "The guy that made this years ago"
gleaned from many web sites, predominently and
	adjust as you see fit- this is only an example-
.)1 us army poncho- go to, search for "alpha tent" or "poncho shelter"
.)approx. 40 ft. paracord
.)at least two 1 gallon ziplock freezer bags
.)manual fm21-76- survival(still one of the best.)
.)first aid manual(boy scout first aid- all the basics, no fluff- packs well.)
.)3 non lubricated condoms(water carrying)
.)1 luminescent compass(suggest brunton glowmate)
.)insect repellant
.)1 emergency blanket("space blanket")
.)1 mosquito headnet
.)at least 1 p38(if you don't know what a p38 is, forget the whole idea...seriously.)
.)1 2.5 in. woodscrew
.)@ 10 ft. wire- solid strand, for traps, snares
.)1 small sewing needle
.)1 darning needle
.)4 large safety pins
.)2 citronella candles- 4 in. each
.)1 extra pr. socks
.)emergency food(suggest pemmican, pinole, atole- go for nutrition, 
                 non refrigerated and long shelf life.)
.)1 handkerchief or bandana
.)water treatment(tablets, filters-many options- do your research.)
.)1 survival signal whistle
.)3-6 ft. flexible tubing
.)small mint tin, some aluminum foil, or a mirror for signaling
.)1 CLEAR butane lighter
.)all the duct tape you can squeeze in there
.)1 "pocket" knife sharpener
.)1 locking blade knife or multitool with knife
.)flint/steel or magnesium firestarter
.)waterproof/windproof matches in box
.)1 trioxane fuel tab, or a few cotton balls soaked in vaseline
.)1 fingertip wire saw
.)1 small magnifying lens
.)fishing kit-several hooks, mostly small, 3 split shot lead weights, 80yds. 18lb(min.)
test fishing line, small cork, 1 large hook for gaff
.)1 "white" snap&shake light stick

.)medical kit-- medical items add considerable bulk, but are vital(no pun intended) 
                to your survival- your survival skill level will determine what you carry, 
                and how much, of ANY gear- this is especially true of medical supplies. 
                give much thought here- and be honest with yourself
 example set- again, only a suggestion:
  salt/sugar/baking soda(for shock)-small soap bar-spf 30 or higher sunblock
  -adhesive bandage tape- antiseptic wipes-insect bite/sting treatment
  -triple antibiotic ointment-band aids-compression wrap-disposable razor-benadryl
  -acetaminophen/ibuprofen-various gauze bandages-second skin bandage-nitrile exam gloves
  -forceps/tweezers-superglue(yes, superglue)- this list could go on for pages--  
  -you get the idea- the basic thought is to prepare for as much as you can 
  without getting overloaded, and not to skimp so much that you endanger yourself
  - the best way is to know as much as possible b4 you ever need to make use of that knowledge
  - your brain is the easiest gear to carry 
  ------------(know more, carry less.) -----------

-sanity retention accessories- if you have room, these are AWFULLY NICE: 
 small radio/solar charger/batteries/small novel/penlight/deck of cards- or whatever helps YOU.

in  closing- ration sweat, not water, gas masks only work if you have them on BEFORE an attack 
 (think about that) and remember these words- S.u.r.v.i.v.a.l.   k.i.s.s.
 serenity/courage/wisdom-- peace for you and all you love. 

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