small, stand alone, free & Web-based office apps

before you use a usb thumb drive at all please get rid of u3

PDF, PostScript and Word Online viewer, writely, fckeditor, goffice, S5 , thinkfree, zimbra, meebo, gliffy, atlantis word processor, BYE DESIGN Spreadsheet, 1by1 mp3, wiki List of portable software, portable freeware, xtort, , , Enhance the performance of Windows XP /2000/ 2003, VLC, free openoffice, & the open cd, openomy file storage

Portable browser,= A web browser that do not assume that you want to be its slave
First you will need a zip replacement
USB mozilla, ghostzilla?, and hack it to bits to look like internet explorer OB1,

what is a "portable app?" LEARN MORE! @
wiki, johnhaller safway, portablefreeware, tinyapps
how about a replacement for;
media player : guliverkli media player clasic(more), VLC, 4mp3,
notepad : metapad
, win32pad, bdv, editpad, Programmerís Notepad, ,
winzip : ,
word :abiword portable,
office:openoffice portable,
get more freeware at:

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