rouned corners = web 2.0 rouned corners = web 2.0
pretty isn't it and so 3d , and no sharp corners
 so you wont cut your cursor on it WTF does this have to do with web 2.0? first read other "people's " take on web 2.0 by ; paul graham, wikipedia, oreilly books,
like mr graham most geeks knew it ment nothing at all,, it was vaporware ,, fluff ,

you know it was all marketing with statements like ;

"by making some small but trendy design changes i improved visitor confidence enough to really effect my earnings.
I am not talking about functionality here at all but merely design and layout"

ok now my take on this,,;
if the web 2 conferance, a conferance of suits not geeks can make up a meaningless word for what they want from the web
it meanes that people in charge, the people that know NOTHING have yet another buzz word to smack geeks with,
then it is fair and the duty of all geeks to shove something else down THEIR throtes instead; empowerment of the masses via preventing ms or anyone to dictate the browser or server used, interactivity, usefullness, & SANITY ?, realy we are talking about...


just tell the suits that you did it to comply with web 2.0 "standardization" and make the net work like it should damnit!

to escape this web 2 nightmare, click the big farging stop button

rouned corners = web 2.0 rouned corners = web 2.0