Wacky Willys Surplus SOLD & GONE 2007/9/1

"With a tear in my heart I am to announce that the best store in the world will have their last day this Sat. Sept 30 2006."

Famous around town for it's interesting price and description markers. Not only on such things as a gigantic barrel full of bowling trophy figurines; but also on things as mundane as washers and screws, there is usually a cute sarcastic description of what it is, as well as a funny little drawing and wacky suggestion of what to do with it.
WW has been around since 1980, and they have a diverse collection of stuff. It seems to come and go pretty fast, so you can't count on something being there long term. It's not electronic surplus, really, although you'll find some there. They're more of an industrial/retail boneyard, where overstocks and errors-of-judgement go to die. A good place to go if you're looking for stuff to adapt; you might find a kid's toy for ten cents that you can gut for the case and an LED.

(Brick and Mortar) B&M Locations;
-870 Kawaiahao St., Honolulu, HI 96813 (808) 593-9262 2000/08/18
-417 SE 11th St Portland, OR 97214 (503)234-6864
-2900 SW Cornelius Pass Rd Ste 218 Hillsboro, OR 97123 (503) 642-5111
-2374 N.W. Vaughn St. Portland, OR. 97210 (503)525-9211
-2562 NW Wilson St., Portland, OR, 97210. (503) 227-2203 (503) 840-2040

(World Wide Wacky Willys) WWWW Locations; .net, .com, ebay, -spiritone,


24th & NW Vaughn Street MAKEZINE.COM Slivinski