Never respond to ANY message in your yahoo email that says it is from ANY authority AT ALL,
all of the following instructions will be done so yahoo wont be able to give out your info as easily & will be less talkative
FIRST log into yahoo email & opt out of all advertizing NOW

please go to mail options & review your general settings & then click save changes

Next click Account Information
BUT please do not change "another email address" or "mobile phone number" yet! .

under Notifications and Subscriptions View & dissable all;
Marketing Preferences, Subscriptions, Alerts, Premium services, & Newsletters

click Update your contact information & reset all of it & click save or done
Update password-reset info & change/set the "Reset with:" status to "Secret Questions"
then set/change the entrys & click SAVE & then done or it wont stick

click Manage Other Accounts to Sign-in & unassociate or remove all of them you can
click Manage App and Website Connections & remove all of them you can

Next click Account Information again
under Profile Information Edit your profile details & set the birth "date" to ANY OTHER date
that's not YOUR birth date (jan 01 1958?) ,but ONLY something you can EASILY remeber
then after filling in all of this ,, set ALL settings as private ANYWAY!

Sign in to Yahoo! Profile , click Settings gear on top right side.
Click; connected acounts, activity sharing, & Privacy settings, and turn off/dissable all options on each screen.

click "add another email address or mobile phone number" & review all of the information & edit if you wish
now you can safely Change your password ,, LAST! ,, BUT if all else fails then Contact yahoo Customer Care for help
yours hopefully WAP-Tek