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i have no phone or transportation but We can meet in nw portland at;
javavivace 23rd & pettygrove, coffeetime 21st & irving, or
anna bananas 21st & northrup / overton

to arrange a time and place to meet me , please email me the night before that meeting
or we will have to meet after 5pm
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Battery operated 8W fluorescent striplight
Multipurpose light installed anywhere in home where mains power is not available
Light output equivalent to 25 watt normal (incandescant)
On/off slide switch on side of unit light
Works off 8 x AA batteries (not included) or off a 12 volt, 500mA, D.C.
IP20 rated - O.K. for damp conditions, but not recommended for outside use

this lists for arround $10 , i am selling it for $5,

Manufacturer: Coleman
Mfgr. Model #: 5344-700
Circa: 1985
Battery: 6D
Style: Fluorescent Lantern
includes auxilary connector for 9 - 12 volts

this lists for arround $13 , i am selling it for $5,

Fujitsu model MHV2060BH 60 GB SATA,laptop hard drive
2.5 X 1/8 inch, 8 MB Data Buffer, 5,400 RPM,

lists for $35 - $100,, i want $30

1GB 533 mhz DDR2 laptop ram

specs = KVR533D2SO/1GR =
KVR = Kingston Value Ram
533 = Clock speed
D2 = DDR2
1G = 1GB

lists for $20 i want $10

8 AA Energizer 2500 mAh Rechargeable Batteries
lists for $32 , selling for $10 and i have a charger for $5 more

Canon NB-3L Lithium-Ion Battery 3.7v 790mAh
lists for $40 , selling for $10

I have an "X-Treme X-360 blue Electric Scooter worth $289 for sale for only $75
,,only for the time being

its cheap since it has a broken Allegro 3503 linear hall sensor in the electronic throttle assembly ,, but the scooter works well!
ya see (cheating ?) I put a 40K ohm potentiometer (volume control) in the sensors place to test it, a 5K ohm is better,
the repair part ,, the "Throttle assembly " from the factory costs $19.95 or less ( Item # THR-35 )

i could get just The replacement part ,,(Allegro A1302) hall sensor and repair it for $2 but it realy shoud have the original throttle in it

this lists for arround $300 , i am selling it for $75 until i can fully repair it,, then it will be reposted at $150 instead,,
so get it while its cheep

i am happy with it as an experiment in my electronics skills but,,, its only a litle faster than me on my bicycle, its freekin 70 LBS!, & i am on the second floor ,

nylon and metal folding camp chair ,

panasonic 16 megabyte sd
$5 or best offer

4 inch Brass alcohol stove / chafing dish

gold plate pocket watch by colibri sold without a battery

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