MY videos & MY playlists & ALL of your missing youtube links & settings
inbox, comments, messages, account, playback, notifications, sharing, privacy, search history,
liked video, uploded videos, playlists, upload defaults, advanced settings, features, analytics, pair,

open your account notifications, select enable "Send me the YouTube wrap-up,," so that
you are allowed to deselect all the spam then disable "Send me the YouTube wrap-up ,, "

open your google plus google plus settings , & look under "Receive notifications"
then expand all the triangles to disable them all & then review
your google plus endorsements, google ads, & google history,

WHEN youtube wont respond properly to an issue.
We post in the forums to make sure that others are helped or WARNED that youtube will ignore said issue .
Thats the real reason youtube has the notice at the top that says "forum is not the place to report issues"
My old youtube account (waptek) was terminated without notice or reason
it contained no videos , only play-lists & now implys i did something wrong.

C:\tubeyou\waptek\> cd.._

youtubealternatives found in blinkx, strimoo, google video,
flash based; dailymotion, Myvideo, pp2g, ClickPlay, metacafe, javascript & flash based; hulu, AOL video, break, Snotr, veoh,
bad designer photobucket, viddler, liveleak, crap based design; sidereel, blip, vimeo, 5min,
just plane crap; myspace video, videojug, clipser, revver, livevideo, vevo,

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